The farm

The Berretta farm is located near the quaint village of Porrona, in the municipality of Cinigiano, a few steps from the beautiful Monte Amiata district.
A land between the sea and the mountains, from which you can see in the distance the Tyrrhenian coast, a land rich in history, alternating landscapes and different atmospheres.
The area is an alternation of rolling hills and the plain on which flows the Ombrone river. The colors are alternated by the gold of the wheat fields, the dark green patches of oaks and holm oaks, the iridescent color of the vineyards mysterious silver of the olive trees.
It is in an area like this, influenced by sea breezes and the sensitive temperature ranges of the harvest period, that the Berretta farm has its vineyards, the grapes that give power and softness to its great value wines.